An example of a test burn area, this grassy terrain exhibits an untreated and Fire Retardant treated section. As ascertained by the photo, the treated area remains unscathed by the flames, while the untreated area has burned to the treated area of containment. You can see the immediate reduction of power in the flame front. The fire rapidly extinguished, reducing the heat from the fire and the volume of ash/sparks and smoke released in the atmosphere. The Fire Retardant protection has been greatly increased to enhance the line of protection, eliminating the spread of fire.

Why would we want our beautiful natural areas to become destroyed for ours and future generations? We can preserve the esthetic beauty of our landscape terrains and the structures that lie within them, with planning the proper fire protection.

This is a result of what happens when nature does not get a helping hand. The beauty of the area has disappeared, all habitats are gone, mankind dwelling there, animal and plant life, gone, displacement and loss to all. An expense for this horrible fire has been created fighting it; all exposed have been subjected to health and safety risk. And what about our environment?

Because of this fire, particulates, that we can not even see have been released into the atmosphere, creating irreversible respiratory problems and possibly contributing to our global warming. The arrival of rain will bring still another set of problems with erosion, mudslides and defacement of our beautiful terrain. Do your part, for all things that depend on you!

A brief description to Delta's Fire Retardant Products that may be used for our natural environment:

FR 704 Fire Barrier For Vegetative Management

A broad application water-based fire retardant for use in vegetative management that provides protection in advance of wildfires. Breaks of 200 to 350 ft can be established to slow down the movement of fire. Additionally, the retardant can be used to channel the advance of fire to enable personnel to more effectively maintain the minimum exposure to danger. It can be applied to almost all vegetative conditions with less labor than required from physical manual labor (pick and shovel). It can effectively be utilized in places where backfires could be difficult to initiate.

A selected 5 ft wide area of vegetation midway on a hillside at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA was treated with fire retardant to create a firebreak and left untouched for two weeks.

Under the supervision of the Base Fire Chief the hillside was then ignited at the lower Northwest corner and allowed to burn up hill. The vegetation quickly ignited spreading the fire South and then East until it reached the treated firebreak line. At that point, the fire immediately stopped as a result of the Fire Retardant barrier.

It is the 21st Century let's start controlling fires more scientifically!

Gone will be the picks & shovels!
They have been replaced by products that not only are more cost effective but will knock down a fire faster, reducing labor and providing less harm and danger to the firefighter. Considering last year alone 83 firefighters were killed and 38,000 were injured, it's about time for a change! Use of Fire Fighting Equipment will be lessened, thus reducing accidental new fires while fighting existing and the possible loss or death to pilots and the ever so gallant "Hot Shots" who risk their lives as well.

Saved will be!
The esthetic beauty of our lands, including; mountains, deserts, waterways, seas
The loss or injury of human life
The loss or injury of our pets, animals, all creatures of the air and water, our livestock The beautiful trees, meadows, plants of the deserts and the fields of grain, we and all of the animals depend on for food.

Why would we not want to ... ?

  • We have been allowing fire destruction to destroy our planet and the life on it. It is time we learn how to minimize our loss and stop allowing fire destruction to rule.
  • Let's start saving our natural waterways/ resources and protect the inhabitants from unnecessary poisonous fire fighting product gases.
So if!
  • Fire Officials are encouraging us to assist in protecting our homes and property to make it safer for our Fire Fighters to protect us and the element ... why not?
  • If we can put fires out faster, make it safer while we are doing it; minimize the destruction & pollution from fires ... Why would we not want to do so?
  • If we could use less water for fire -fighting, especially with the drought plaguing much of the country and have less ash and particulates in the air contributing to our Global Warming and Dimming problems, what a great solution that would be!

What is it going to take?
Do we not want to prevent and reduce the loss of animals, plants, property & esthetic beauty by not changing our fire- fighting methods, allowing them to continue to remain the same antiquated methods? We "get up in arms" and protest to conserve and protect our marine life and Costal beaches, what about the inhabitants of our forest and the forest themselves? Do you know it takes 21/2 acres of tree canopy to provide oxygen for 18 human beings? Trees provide 6% of our oxygen, so the next time you look up at a tree appreciate it for providing you with the necessary oxygen you need to survive. Should we not protect and save our trees?

With today's economy so fragile ...
Our necessary fire-fighting services will be near financial depletion with this early fire season and a drought upon us like never before. It seems like now would be the time to look at saving money, by reducing the time, manpower, equipment, and expense of fighting fires, why not implement these changes now? Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. has the technology, products and services for 21st Century fire fighting. Everything has changed in the last 50 years except for the way we are fighting fires. It is about time we catch up!

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